Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

Regarding this page, you can find complete details about payment methods and the terms under which you are able to use the infomist tube agency’s services.


These are the terms and conditions of collaboration between INFOMIST TUBE and users of our company’s services, website visitors, and those who want to access or use the services.

Use of Services and Access to the Site

Accepting and using the web site www.infomisttube.com, or using any service provided by us, you agree to comply with and accept the terms of use described below. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, please do not use our website or services.

General Conditions

These Terms of Use are a key component of INFOMSITUTBE and, as such, create an agreement between the company INFOMSITUTBE, registered in the US with the identification and the tax number, and the users of our services, website visitors, and anyone else who wishes to begin using our services.

This contract establishes the privileges and responsibilities associated with the use of our company’s website and services.

Acceptance of the Offer

We require your agreement to proceed before getting started the project and performing any kind of work on your behalf as confirmation that you agree that the project is allowed to begin. If the funds are required at this stage, payment of your deposit (advance payment) will be considered your confirmation to proceed. If not, such approval must be given in written – by e-mail or letter – and no project shall start until we get it.

Guarantee and Ownership

Every website that we design for a customer comes with a 30-day guarantee. After this period, and because our clients have full access to the website’s data, we cannot accept responsibility if the website is hacked, down, or broken, because we no longer have complete control over how the website is used.

Software that allows you to use the website and is associated with it, such as WordPress or WordPress plug-ins, becomes your property, and it is your responsibility to ensure that such software is updated on a regular basis to ensure the website’s continued functioning. We provide website maintenance packages that include software updates, as well as in our additional services.

The client maintains the project, code, and design, and is also responsible for all of the information on the website.

Payment and Deposit

Before taking any action, an advance payment is required as a security measure for infomist tube human and technical resources. Unless the offer specifies a lesser or higher percentage of the advance payment based on the size and kind of the project, the advance payment is 50% of the total project cost. If the client has not paid the debt or failed to meet the payment deadline (defined date), we shall invoke our legal right to seek interest under commercial law

All payments made to infomsit tube are non-refundable because they serve as an assurance of security as well as a reserve of both human and technological assets, as well as a guarantee to work on the project. If the amount paid exceeds the amount due by the initial invoice, the difference will be applied to your account as a loan that can be applied for any service we provide.

The advance payment (deposit) represents your intention to continue working with us until the completion of the project for which we are contracted, and it requires you to make the full payment once the project is done.

Confidential Information

Infomist tube does not want to receive confidential information via its website, and in order to organise stuff as secret, a confidentiality agreement must be signed in which everything is specifically described. infomist tube will provide full support to everyone in the protection of personal rights,  privacy, and intellectual property rights.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

It is strictly forbidden to copy and abuse information on our website, as well as materials from the site. Without our a written permission, you are prohibited from copying or share any information from our website, but not limited to text, graphics, video, code, and/or software. If there is a button to share anything from our website, that is the only way to share the content.

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